Android N 7.0(Nougat) For Mi 3/M i4


  • Download fastboot drivers for Mi3/Mi4 : Click Here
  • Download Platform Tools : Click Here
  • Download TWRP recovery for Mi3 : Click Here
  • Download AOSP Android Naugat for Mi3 : Click Here

How To Flash TWRP Recovery on Mi3 :

  • Download fastboot drivers for Mi3/Mi4 and Install 
  • Download platform tools Extract platform tools to wherever you want(e.g.F:\Temper\platform-tools\recovery.img)
  • And at the same time, press Shift + Right click to open and click Open command window here.
  • Type "adb devices" to see if you're device is detected.
  • Now turn off your device and turn on fastboot mode(by pressing volume down+Power button) and connect to PC
  • Now to check if you're device is still there, type "fastboot devices".
  • Now download twrp recovery for Mi3 from above and paste it to platform-tools (mine is located @ F:\Temper\platform-tools\recovery.img)
  • Type "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img". Notice that the recovery.img corresponds the filename extracted earlier
  • Now type "fastboot reboot" to reboot the device.
  • You have successfully flashed twrp recovery.

    How To Install Android N(Nougat) On Xiaomi Mi 3/4 :

    • Download Android N rom from above.
    • Paste it to your device's internal storage.
    • Now open twrp recovery mode for that you have to connect your device in fastboot mode and then command window from Platform tool and enter the command "fastboot boot recovery.img"
    • Now you have entered into twrp recovery
    • Then go to "wipe" and wipe Dalvik cache, Cache, Daga and System.
    • And then go to "Install" and select the android N zip file
    • Everything is done

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