[MOD]Full Transparent Status Bar with icons For Micromax A25[Updated]

No more waiting a25 users ! Today I am sharing awesome Status bar mod for micromax a25. I am also developing vision v3.0 custom rom for A25 which comes a lot of awesome features but I need more time to release it.


  • Full transparency status bar by Me
  • Status bar toggle icons by Nihal George Varghese


  • Rooted/unrooted A25
  • Cwm Recovery
  • Vision v2.0/v1.0


  • Full Trasnsparent Statusbar 
  • Awesome Status Bar Look
  • New Status Bar Toggle Buttons
  • And many more


  • Do a nandroid backup before flashing
  • Download Statubar_mod.zip from below
  • Copy and paste it to SD card
  • Now Open CWM recovery
  • Now Statubar_mod.zip from sd card by going to "install zip from sd card"
  • It will take a few times
  • You have flashed this patch successfully 


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Sir.... an advice.... whatever status bar u mod and toggle icons.. I would recommend modifying flashable statusbar with diff. StylesStyles on vision 3.0 but..... I would say that the toggle icons are big..... and plz add swipe to clear notifications.... plz this is an advice and a request.... add the status bar given by nihal george for his great efforts but create the custim statusbar zips......


bugs are there in his status bar.....so i have to fix it and also i will add this status bar in vision v3.0......


Sir..... once visit and see this image I luv this one con u add this type of status bar??


This comment has been removed by the author.

But in vision 3 or will u mod a zip file???
By the way thnx.....


bro plz add micromqx a25 root setting without pc.



Ur link is not working.plz
update. Link.


sir in vision v 3 plz also add task manager like samsung mobiles


sir is there any way to increase the ram or app memory of micromax a25


i have not found any way to increase ram or internal memory..


sir in vision v 3 plz also add task manager like samsung mobiles


Hi myself Mohan im using Micromax a25, I rooted and i also have clockworkmod version 6.0 something, I updated the v2 to my a25 but now im trying to update ics blue theme but its not success my device getting brick after im try to install pls give me a solution thanks


did you install v2.0 on vision v1.0?


@mohan kumar
if you can have access to clockworkmod there is no problem just install the rom again.
but if you cant boot into recovery then install stock rom and then recovery!


Tipu ji I have a problem with vision 2,after flashing this ROM whenevr i make a call the calling screen or dialling screen doesn't appear immediately after i touch the call icon or dial icon bt appears after 1 min or later. In short making a call to a no.is started after 1 min or later. this happns frequenly plz suggest me something. And the problm iz more worst when there is low battery. plz help me.


install stock recovery and again install it


Hello mmx a25 users.. Today i am able to solve low internal memory problem in micromax a25.. 100% working method..


:-Mini Partition Tool
:-Rooted Micromax a25

>Now Install Mini Partition Tool in your PC and Link2SD in your phone..

>Well in Simple we have to do only 4 steps :-

1.) Partition Memory Card
2.) Setup Link2SD
3.) Apply auto link option so it will automatically link whenever you install an
4.) Have to forgot what is internal Memory

(1.) So first Step is to partition SD card :-

1) Back up all your data from SD card and internal memory because partion will wipe all your data.
2) Use card reader to connect your memory card to computer (Don't use usb storage from phone).
3) Open Mini Tool (partition manager's name) in your computer. Locate your SD card below.
4) Right click and choose Delete.
5) Now again right click and create FAT PRIMARY PARTION (But not fat32).
6) Now Select Move/Resize on top.
7) Resize your memory card from right arrow (click and scroll).
8) The partition Size will be the size of your memory card in which you can store your photos, videos etc...
9) The Unallocated Space After will be the size of the memory card you wish to use as internal memory.
(For example if you have 8GB Card and you wish memory card to be 6gb and
use the rest 2gb as internal memory then 6gb will be your partition size and
2gb will be the unallocated space)
10) If you are satisfied with you resizing click OK
11) An Unallocated space will appear below you memory card.
12) Right click there and click create.
13) A warning will appear click continue.
14) Now Specify These Values Very Carefully

Create As : Primary
File System : Ext3

And Leave the rest as it is...and then click OK

15) Now click on the Apply button on the top left corner It will take some time
After that is done you have successfully partitioned your Memory Card.

(2.) Second Step is Setting up link2SD

1) open link2SD
2) Give the root permissions
3) Now a popup will appear asking you the file system of your second partition
4) Select Ext3
5) If you have done partitioning correctly it will say mount scripts successfully
6) Reboot your phone.
Now if you have done all things correctly you will not see that popup next time

Now the real MAGIC

It will show you all apps touch the app you want to move to sd card and select create link (In the symbolic Link (scroll Down))

And it will link the apps for you.

Now see your internal memory it will free up space magically..

If you want to auto link the app when you install any app then go to menu ->
settings -> and select auto link...

Now the last but not the least you have to for got what is internal Memory..

Enjoy guys..


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