Earn money through facebook embeePay

Embee pay is a apllication in facebook where you can earn money through facebook and recharge your mobile phone in simple steps .If you really want to make money then read Below.

Steps to Earn money through facebook :

  • Join Embeepay and allow the application on facebook.
  • Enter your phone number and get registered .You will get 50 points.
  • Now your total points : 50
  • validate your account .You will get a code to your mobile.Enter it and get 50 more points.
  • Now your total points : 100
  • Subscribe to their mailing and get 50 more points.
  • Now your total points : 150
  • Get 20 points for sharing your info with Embeepay.
  • Now go to earn tab and complete simple surveys to get extra points.There are lot of simple offers that you can do.
  • Go to friends tab and copy the invite link.Suggest it to your 5 friends and when they register in embeepay, you will get 100 points.
  • Through referred friends you get bonus points.
  • Now You would have reached more than 300 points.
  • To redeem these points click on friends >> Invite >> Check Reward and if you earned some points then there appears Claim Now . Click it and redeem points from your referred friends.
  • Finally go to the redeem tab and recharge your mobile with the points you have Earned through facebook embeepay. 
source : techfishy.com

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